Unico & SpacePak Systems

Home owners truly enjoy the high performance and superior comfort of high velocity Unico and SpacePak systems. No matter the age or physical configuration, installing these systems are always a possibility—without compromising the design or architectural structure. These systems use less than one-third of the space in the built environment than a traditional system. It can deliver up to 9 tons of air conditioning in the same space as a 3-ton traditional unit. The aesthetics of your home are maintained with small, subtle outlets.

The air is delivered quietly and seamlessly. Supply tubing is designed to be as efficient as possible and also to minimize sound to the equivalent of a soft whisper. The air handler is also designed to isolate noise and vibration.

These units can easily be installed into attics, ceilings, crawlspaces, and closets. The flexible small ducts can be routed through existing ceilings, floors or walls – eliminating the need for noisy metal ductwork! Because of the unique design features, there is no need to “gut” the home for installation. The process is less disruptive with less mess, less dust, and less installation time. In other words, thesesystems save time and money!

The Unico and SpacePak system ductwork has 1/3 the surface area of conventional metal ducting and has 1/3 less thermal loss. The supply tubing is wrapped with insulation and an outer vapor barrier, which keeps nearly all of the thermal energy within the duct. These systems are engineered for simplicity and air tightness.