Remember to Change Your Air Filters

Change your air filters regularly to improve air flow year-round and reduce stress on your heating and cooling equipment. You will save five to fifteen percent on energy costs by changing your filter monthly.

Dust, pet dander, hair, pollen, dirt and other particles get trapped in the air filter with moisture; building up with bacteria, mold, mildew, odors, and allergens blowing through your air system, causing your family health problems from respiratory infections, asthma, sore throats, and sinus infections.

Have you noticed your floors, furniture, and walls accumulate dust during hot summer months? Homeowners take out their dirty air filters to increase air flow. Big mistake! Dust sucked into the system not only spreads throughout the home, but builds up on the coils, stressing the entire system. Always have your dirty air filters replaced immediately. Air filters can handle different loads of dust accumulation and other pollutants. Find out from your HVAC professional how often your air filter should be changed. For example, homes with smokers, or cats that shed, or even if there’s been an extended period of damp weather, are circumstances indicating the need for an extra filter change.

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